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Au pairs offer the assistance that adapts to your family’s changing needs. With an au pair, parents can have valuable time to spend with their kids. By welcoming an au pair as a genuine family member, host families gain dependable and flexible childcare, as well as exposure to different cultures at home.

We have official government recognition in Belgium and worldwide. We are members of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) and a trusted partner of AuPairWorld for Belgium. How can a host family discover the perfect au pair to match with? 


Nowadays, host families often prefer the self-match formula, selecting from over 2000 candidates on online platforms. It’s cost-effective as the family handles candidate selection. For busy families, our Full-service formula is the ideal solution.

Full Service match

 Au Pair Office selection.

Preselected candidates by (partner) agencies

Time effective solution

We offer the host family a selection of qualified candidates that we and our partners recruit. The host family begins their application online, and we provide them with multiple comprehensive profiles. Candidates are expected to have excellent communication skills in English (or French), as well as a strong affinity for children and culture. Throughout the process, we cooperate closely with you. Once positive video interviews have taken place between the host family and the au pair, the match is confirmed. The Full-Service fee is divided into three parts: (1) start-up costs, which are paid upon completion of the registration, (2) recruitment and selection costs, and (3) administration costs, which are paid when the match is been confirmed. Once confirmed, we handle all necessary administration, for both EU and non-EU au pairs.

Self match

 Own selection.

 2000+ Worldwide candidate

Cost-effective solution

In charge of your process

In this formula, we handle all the administrative tasks for an au pair chosen directly by the family. You can find your au pair through the popular au pair platform AuPairWorld. You can contact us before or after your search. To ensure a smooth process after a Self match, not only the host family, but also the au pair will register on our website. We will check the required documents and start the administration for the EU or non-EU au pair. As a representative of the host family, we apply for a work permit and assist in applying for a work visa for non-EU au pairs. EU au pairs can start their adventure faster once all formalities are completed. The Self match fee is divided into two parts: (1) start-up costs, which are paid upon completion of the host family registration, and (2) administration costs, which are paid when the match is confirmed. 

Good to know

Additional information.

Good to know that:
• Host families know that the program is one of cultural exchange.
• Household chores and childcare are not the sole purpose of the au pair stay.
• The consumer has the right to withdraw the application within 5 working days from the day following the completion of the application forms, provided that he notifies the company by e-mail.
• Any clause waiving this right by the consumer is null and void.
• In terms of compliance with the deadline, it is sufficient that the notification is sent before it expires.
• All services are subject to typographical errors;
• All services are subject to different authorities; therefore, the au pair's arrival may be delayed or canceled;
• Au Pair Office cannot be held responsible for the consequences.
• If an au pair arrives later than the start date of the work permit, we can take care of extending the paperwork at an administrative cost;
• This is done by Belgian au pair legislation.
• We also offer short-term and summer placements.
• Your kids of age are welcome as an outbound au pair with us too.


How does it work?

  1. You begin with an initial intake conversation where you receive information. After that, you create an online account and go through the registration process. Au pairs who apply through partner agencies have the intake and screening  with the local agent.
  2. During the registration, you upload the necessary documentation and answer the provided questions. Whether you choose the Self-match or Full-service formula, we verify the uploaded documents. Upon request, we can schedule an online screening for Self-match au pairs. Full-service candidates will be screened at all times.
  3. Once the application is complete, you search for your perfect match through video calls. Once a match is made, we initiate the complete administration. Once the dossier is complete* (and approved for Non-EU candidates), flights can be booked. We assist you and suggest flights. You can track the status of your dossier online or contact us for updates. Prior to the au pair's arrival, we send you the insurance policy and provide the necessary arrival information.
  4. Once arrived, the au pair must register with the municipality and fulfill various formalities. The au pair must open a European bank account where the pocket money is deposited and attend language lessons during the entire stay. Au pairs can participate in our events, training sessions, and monthly online meetings. We sincerely hope the au pair and the host family will quickly adapt to each other and that the au pair will become an important part of the family.If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and support.
    *For EU au pair placements, we prepare the contract and work schedule. For Non-EU au pair placements, we will organize the procedure for obtaining the work permit and, in the next phase, the visa. We will request the required insurance for the entire placement for all files.


Check all requirements.

To host an au pair, the host family:
• officially lives in Belgium;
• has at least one child under 13 years old who lives home at least 50%;
• members have a clean criminal record. 
• speaks one of the country’s languages; 
• can communicate with the au pair;
• provides board and lodging;
• provides a minimum of €450 pocket money/monthly;
• provides insurance for the au pair;
• gives the au pair plenty time to attend the obligatory language lessons;
• experiences Belgian culture with the au pair;
• allows the social inspectorate to visit and interview the au pair;
• ensures the au pair works a maximum of 4 hours/day and 20 hours/week;
• invites the  au pair as full member of the family;
• grants the au pair free access to the house.

Want to become a host family?

Important information

• Non-European au pairs and host families sign the official Belgian au pair contract.
• European au pairs and host families sign an official European contract.
• The au pair contract remains valid for the entire duration of the au pair stay.
• The au pair undertakes not to work in Belgium in any other way during the au pair stay or after the work permit expires and undertakes to leave Belgium from that moment onwards.
• It is important that all expectations are discussed in advance and communicated to Au Pair Office so that we can include them in the official contract.
• Au pairs are allowed to work 4 hours per day (including babysitting) which amounts to 20 hours per week, spread over a maximum of 6 days per week. The work schedule should be agreed in advance and should be clear to both parties.
• One day off per week is mandatory. It should always be possible to freely engage in religious expression.
• (Public) holidays of au pairs are not regulated by law in Belgium; during (public) holidays, au pairs are paid.

– In case of early termination-

• It is possible to terminate the contract early for valid reasons.
• The advice here is to observe a 14-day notice period with mutual consent.
• For serious reasons, the au pair contract can also be terminated immediately without notice.
• In Belgium, the au pair is entitled to a one-off rematch if the au pair has not yet reached the age of 26.

• Au pairs receive at least 450 euros pocket money per month, including during inactivity or holidays.
• Non-European au pairs must open a bank account on arrival.

• Each au pair must be insured during the au pair stay.
• Host families can take out these policies via Au Pair Office.
• Outbound au pairs can take out this policy via the receiving or sending agency.
• Each host family is obliged to take out an insurance for the Non-EU au pair during the entire period of the stay. The insurance shall cover medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization costs. Furthermore, this insurance should cover any early repatriation of the au pair due to illness or accident.
• The EU au pair should check with the health insurance company whether the cover for the stay in Belgium is guaranteed. The host family should also take out an additional insurance policy covering all medical costs and repatriation.

• Au pairs must attend language courses throughout their placement. Depending on the region, the au pair will attend a language course in Dutch, French or German.
• The course must be offered by a recognized institution: private lessons or distance learning will not be accepted by the Belgian authorities.
• If the au pair has no basic knowledge of one of the regional languages, he/she will attend an intensive language course on arrival in Belgium.
• The time commitment will be organized so that the au pair has the opportunity to follow courses.
• You can check these links for accredited schools in Belgium.
– Flanders and Brussels Capital region:
          · Compulsory test Dutch for foreigners click here. For adult education schools click here.
– Wallonia and Brussels Capital region:
          · For recognized schools click here.

• It is possible for a resident to drive with an international driving license for 185 days in Belgium.
• An au pair can drive with a recognized European or recognized non-European driving license and convert it into a Belgian license during the stay.
• Recognized licenses in Belgium can be found here.
• Questions about liability and insurance will be answered by an insurance broker.

• A European au pair can apply for a residence card in Belgium without a Visa.
• A Non-European au pair for the residence card in Belgium with Visa.
• Some countries are exempt from Visa requirements for short-term stays, and can therefore already travel to Belgium as a tourist. These nationalities can apply for a residence permit without Visa, if the other procedure has been followed.
• It is allowed to stay in Belgium, during a work card application.

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