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Au Pair Office, a solution for Families & Au Pairs

Au Pair Office is dedicated to finding international au pairs and matching them with families based in Belgium. Our aim is to meet up with the high standards families have today, by finding au pairs for live in childcare . Our team will take care of all the necessary arrangements. The challenges we face today are different from yesterday. We have limited time and unlimited demands, especially when it comes to our children. Live in childcare facilitates parents to spend quality time with their children. By welcoming an au pair as a member of your family, you are provided with reliable & flexible childcare. The kind of support that grows with your demands.


What is an Au Pair?

An au pair is a young, female or male, adult between 18 and 26 years of age from another country. An au pair lives with a host family, where she/he helps the family that hosts the stay . The main purpose of an au pair is to learn more about culture and language (Dutch, English or French). Au pairs can stay in Belgium legally with a work permit and are limited to 20 hours of help per week. Because au pairs live in your home, they offer flexible childcare at times that accommodate your family's schedule. Au pairs can fulfil a variety of roles that assist in the family’s demands: Au pairs take care of & entertain children, laugh and play together. Au pairs are helping hands with children’s laundry, keeping children’s play areas tidy and other childcare related chores. They assist with homework and tutor reading, writing and other school related matters. Au pairs prepare meals and snacks. As a big sister au pairs take kids to school, daycare, hobbies, sports, playgrounds. When needed au pairs take care of pets.



Host family benefits:

  • Enriching the social experience for children. An au pair introduces a new world to your home
  • An extra pair of hands during hectic times
  • Allowing children to be home when parents are out
  • Ease of finding balance between work and family needs
  • Affordable solution

Benefits of becoming an au pair:

  • A chance to meet new people, cultures and lifestyles
  • A chance to become independent and self-reliant, to adapt and socialize
  • A chance to learn Dutch, English, French, German
  • Gaining experience in responsible & flexible childcare
  • A new family: away from home. After welcoming an au pair to their home, many families find they have gained a lifelong friendship with their au pair